JOLO: JELLYFISH ONLY LIVE ONCE is a group project created for 'Thousand Ideas for the Baltic Sea’ Project of Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, in association with BSAG, an independent non-profit foundation based in Finland. 


The aim of JOLO project was to raise awareness among 7-12 year-old children, for the pollution of the Baltic Sea and the effects it has on the living creatures in and around it.


YOLO, a small word hyped through the years. We only live once, but want to pass the beautiful nature we have to the next generations. That is why we dedicated the name to our project and adapted it to the subject to make it JOLO: Jellyfish only live once.


Ocean acidification is a growing problem and jellyfish are outcompeting other fish. They multiply in ‘blooms’ because of the warm oceans due to climate changes. If we continue over-fishing there will be less predators and more jellyfish. Oceanographer Josep Maria Gili explains it as follows: “If you reduce the number of fish that eat jellyfish, as well as the number of fish that compete with jellyfish for food, naturally the number of jellyfish is going to increase as a result.” The Baltic, the North Sea, the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea are all waters that see less fish and more jellyfish. They will be the only ones we can find in the seas in about 40 years.



Our group consisted of people from different academic backgrounds such as photography, graphic design and journalism. 

Project management, Research, Script & Website by Manouk de Bruijne
Art direction, Animation, Script & Research by Lida Koutromanou
Analysis, Script, Animation & Montage by Artemis Skeva
Communication, Questionnaire & Analysis by Maria Kuittinen


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